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Ceiling Clean Service

Ceiling Clean

Ceiling Clean

“Ceiling Clean” is a safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning service. This service is designed primarily to satisfy the cleaning needs of:

Ceiling of luxury house

Benefits of Ceiling cleaning

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fast application

No interruption of your operations is required.


low cost

80% cheaper than replacing the suspended ceiling.
65% cheaper than professional paint.


CleanER work space

1. Disinfects.
2. Sterilizes (ideal for hospitals).

1. Earth

Environmentally Friendly

Use of completely odorless and non-toxic cleaning products.


sound PROOFING and Fire protection

1. Does not damage the properties of materials.
2. Does not affect fire protection properties.
3. Maintains sound insulation (as opposed to painting which hinders it).

A clean working environment is known to contribute
To increased productivity

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