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Clean House

Clean House

cleaning services

“Clean House” is a specialized service of our company that follows high standards applied by respective European cleaning providers.  “Clean Plus” is designed to offer cleaning services for newly built, renovated buildings or for general home cleaning needs.

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Our services

Outdoor areas

General cleaning or specialized deep cleaning using water pressure.


Floor care and crystallization.

carpets and sofas

Fabric care and cleaning.




General Cleaning.


Installation of repellent spike.

Let us do it for you

Our company undertakes the initial cleaning of newly built and renovated houses. We always use quality eco products, up-to-date cleaning methods and professional equipment aiming for excellent results. We satisfy any of your daily cleaning needs, our cleaning services for indoor or outdoor spaces include marble crystallization, graffiti removal, facade cleaning with pressurized water.
S.A. Clean Plus Ltd

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